Comprehensive outsorcing services - graphic & web design, programming, E-commerce, CRMs

Outsourcing servicesOur outsourcing services are suitable for anyone:

Design studios | marketing agencies | Printing offices | Wholesale dealers | Retail dealers | On-line shops | All kinds of businesses | Web design agencies | Museums ...and many more.

We offer you wide range of outsourcing services including: custom web design, E-commerce web designs, full IT marketing, on-line payment systems, corporate branding and many other comprehensive services for small and medium-size companies as well as large corporations.


Bespoke website & on-line shop designs, web apps, CRM & E-commerce systems


Our specialists in IT marketing, computer programming, web design and graphic design create and develop professional, unique and Client-tailored web, CRM, E-commerce and desktop apps, personalised and responsive websites and on-line shops and many more outsourcing solutions for all sorts of companies.


Unique & Client-tailored graphic and Video design projects
Editing, design, implementation & development

We use our own materials & those sent to us by you
We respect the confidentiality of our Clients'

We work on various systems:
Our own firmware (LumiCMS) & open source systems (e.g. Joomla, Drupal, Wordpress)

& program in a wide range of languages:
Java, C++, C#, CSS, HTML, JavaScript and many more


Our company Lumi Technology wish to express apecial thanks to the organisers of the Integrated Live Marketing Summit in London 2017 which took place on 21st November. We are also very grateful to our...
It's the final countdown for us (only 3 days left) until we exhibit at our last fairs this year in UK - Integrated Live Marketing Summit in London which are held on 21st of November. We cordially...
Dear Clients & Friends, Lumi Technology company would like to invite you to the Integrated Live Marketing Summit which takes place on 21st of November 2017 in London. If you would like to...